African Catholic Community Diocese of Worcester at St. Andrew





What do I do if I need to...

Get baptized:

Contact the Priest first and make an appointment. You will then fill out a yellow form. Come with a copy of the birth certificate of the child. All parents and Godparents must attend a baptism instruction class. It is after this that a Baptism date will be agreed upon. Infant baptisms (children up to age 7) can held anytime except in the season of Lent. All children older than 7: parents see the priest.     

First communion

First communion usually takes place in 2nd grade for Children. That is after children have attended at least a year of Faith formation at St Peter’s. See the priest or contact the Parish office 929 main street Worcester. CCD registration and classes always starts in the fall.


Couples should not begin any preparations or put down any dates unless they have contacted the chaplain. The preparation period for the sacrament of matrimony takes at least 9 months. So the best advice is seeing your priest first.

Visit the sick:

A visit to the sick can be done anytime and anywhere. Talk to your leader or the priest he will adjust to be there anytime.

When Death occurs:

When death occurs, especially an immediate family member, the Priest will offer prayers in the family of the deceased. Please contact your leader who will in turn have you meet with the priest to make more detailed arrangements (Mass, Funeral home contact, burial etc...)