African Catholic Community Diocese of Worcester at St. Andrew





Thursday Prayers

Also called Jiumuyia; a weekly (Thursday) family gathering of prayer in individual homes of members. It is a practice that is encouraged in many African countries as a means of strengthening faith in homes and a sense of community plus knowledge of the Scripture. Main prayers are the Rosary , Litany of Mary and a Sunday Gospel reading and reflection. 

It is also an avenue for announcements about various emergencies or needs/cautions in the community. Ask for the Chairperson of the Kenya community for details.

Social Events

These are primarily Church community(spiritual and social) events that are done to celebrate a family spirit( being church). Back to School Breakfast(September);Cultural Night(October);Bishop's Mass(November);Advent Mission, Christmas carols, Vigil Mass(December); Family Night(February), Lent Mission( March), Mother's Day(May), First Communion (June), Altar Servers/Altar Servers picnic ( July).  Stop by anytime.

Leaders Meeting

A monthly gathering of leaders of all groups in the community to discuss , plan and effect different( pastoral and spiritual programs of the yearly calendar. This meeting is what runs the community basically. It takes place every first Sunday of the Month.